Djustin® stands for road safety.

Automatically connected

As soon as your phone is paired with our Djustin® holder, it will trigger (any) third party anti distraction software, plus any usage based car insurance app to lower your premiums!

Feel perfectly safe

While concentrating on driving, Djustin® eliminates the urge to grab your smartphone for unsafe usage while in traffic. No more police fines!

All apps keep working

If desired and/or allowed, you can still navigate and make handsfree calls. Use smart mobility apps like Flitsmeister or any other ‘Automodus’ (anti distraction) app. However, Djustin® makes sure that you can’t turn on/off these apps while in traffic(!)

Keep track of usage logs

We keep secured blockchain GDPR & AVG approved logs for evidential proof of using Djustin® in traffic.

Promotional video
Our promotional video reflects the consequences of today’s unsafe smartphone usage while in traffic and how Djustin® can help to solve this worldwide problem for all of us.

From legislation to driver, everyone in between can benefit from this innovative hardware approach.

Feel free to contact us for further details in which production stage Djustin® is at this moment.

The Djustin® App

#1 Liability solution for safe smartphone use in traffic.

Unique hard- software combination

Djustin® combines anti distraction software and Usage Based Insurance app, with our smart sensored phone holder.

Locked with award winning software

Eliminates the urge to grab your phone while driving. Bye bye police fines 🙂

Liability proof

Excellent solution for insurance companies, fleetowners and companies with strict phone policy, to encourage their clients or employees for safe use of smartphones in traffic. Lower your risk profile and safe insurance costs!

Keep navigating

If desired. Maps, flitsmeister, automodus. All of your (anti distraction) apps will keep working as usual.

Multiple users

Registrate unlimited phones with Djustin® Ideal for fleetowners.

Cloud logs with blockchain technology

Even when your phone is broken beyond repair. We keep logs for evidential purposes in case of an accident for example.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Djustin® can be used in all cars, trucks, vans, busses, or trains, trams, boats. In short, in every vehicle with an electric circuit.

The anti distraction software (and your insurance app) will detect movement if you are driving. This also means, if you pull out your phone from Djustin® while driving, you will hear an alert to put back your phone into Djustin® in order to stay safe and be compliant to laws (against handheld usage) and your insurance. Once you stopped driving, Djustin® will detect this and will it be safe to pull out your phone without any alerts, or penalties.

Yes, all current or future installed apps will keep working.

Djustin® has no effect on it’s passengers. Djustin® is a dedicated solution that only holds the drivers smartphone.

Yes you can still make (handsfree) calls.

Djustin® will not effect Bluetooth, NFC and GPS in any way.

Yes! Please use the contact form below and we get in touch with you right away.

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"For me Djustin® is the classic example of a smart and simple solution where nobody can be against. I support this very important social innovation, of which I'm sure that investors will be extremely excited about."
Antony is also member of the Advisory board.


Antony Jonkman - Founder LXA Startup Lawyers & partner LXA The Law Firm

"The transport industry is allready a big challenge, even without all smartphone distractions. For that reason we support Djustin® in order to eliminate this addictive behaviour by our drivers."

Tom van Staveren - Manager Risk&Safety at Peter Appel Transport

"As ANWB we believe that Djustin® can be the solution to the huge problem we are all facing with the unsafe usage of smartphones in traffic. Therefore we keep a close look on the development of Djustin®."

Marlies den Ouden / Wieke Quak - Productmanager / Brandmanager ANWB

"CEO Robert Broekhof has put together a brilliant solution to this worldwide problem. The enthusiasm and effort that Robert puts into Djustin® is key to bring this project to a huge succes."

Joris Cavelaars - Managing Director NOVU

Proudly presenting our Pilot participants